What Our Clients Say

At Design Labodina, we take pride in providing a comprehensive service that goes beyond just crafting the perfect living spaces for our clients. We understand that the process of purchasing and installing furniture, lighting, and decor items can be overwhelming, which is why we take the responsibility of handling these tasks off our clients' shoulders.

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Our team is equipped to source everything from sophisticated interior doors to indulgent kitchen essentials like plush towels and elegant salt shakers, and we take care of the logistics to ensure that everything arrives at the site on time. Our clients can simply arrive at their new home with their suitcase, and we take care of the rest.

At Design Labodina, we believe that creating the perfect home should be an enjoyable and pleasurable experience, and we strive to make that a reality for our clients.

Natalia Kolesova
28 March

I thank Valentina and her team for the excellent implementation of the apartment renovation project, from design to architectural supervision.

I was absolutely calm about the result and I didn’t have to be nervous for a minute about any inconsistencies or little things. Absolute attention to the client and the desire to take into account every detail. You helped us a lot, thanks again!

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Anastasiia Shelopugina
13 October

Valentina created an amazing design project for our apartment which we were very happy with.

It's worth noting that she's a true professional, always prepared and ready to help with even the most minor details of the whole process (which is no small feat as the amount of work is huge indeed!). Communications were always pleasant and on time, without any delays whatsoever, and all discussions were productive and always on point. Can highly recommend Valentina if you need the job done really well and on time.

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Liudmila Ineshina
13 August

I can highly recommend Valentina. We received great advice and very useful tips on redesigning our kitchen and living room.

We were really happy with her design and visualization project. We appreciated her great approach towards work. She is very punctual and was always prepared for meetings. The communication was great, all the stages of the project were prepared right in time without any delays.

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Galina Sidorova
1 June

I am delighted with my collaboration with Valentina. As a working retiree, I wanted to create a small cosy nest for relaxation and potential remote work. I had many ideas, but the apartment was a studio, so space was limited. Valentina took all of my wishes into account and sometimes vigorously defended solutions that I didn't initially find acceptable, skillfully arguing for her proposals. If I disagreed with certain decisions, she found new ones.

But most of the time, after discussing things with Valentina, I agreed with her. It wasn't about her imposing her ideas but rather a skilful approach to her work, even though it doesn't seem right to call creativity work. At first, I didn't understand why Valentina asked me about my life, hobbies, and preferences - things that didn't seem related to our collaboration. But during the discussion of design elements, Valentina used all of this knowledge. I especially liked the colour scheme and the choice of tiles. Valentina listened to me and didn't suggest open shelves and decor elements that I don't like. I was pleased with the reasonable cost of the services, which was lower than what other designers proposed. Thank you for your professionalism and pleasant communication!

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Anna Firstova
27 January

We started collaborating with Valentina on a recommendation and were impressed with the renders of completed projects. However, we liked her approach, work process, and the results of our own project even more.

Valentina is evident and punctual - there is no chance of forgetting anything, and all correspondence and agreements are always in order, which is immediately appealing.

The project implementation is organized very well - you see the space in sketches, improve it together, and agree on changes together, sharing doubts and excitement.

Valya offers exciting solutions and functional spaces. Throughout the project, it never felt like she was interested in it any less than I was. Communication was always prompt, and as for the technical documentation, there seems to be no questions, even from me.

And a moment that deserves a special mention - viewing the interior in VR. It's very emotional))) At that moment, you realize that you want to be in this interior as soon as possible. There's a feeling that, yes, this is mine:)

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