Northern Charm in the City: Genuine Scandinavian Style in Taganka, Moscow

Area 59.6m2
Style Scandi

We successfully introduced a Nordic-style interior within an old Moscow building, breathing new life into the space!

The journey began with a comprehensive reevaluation of apartment design standards in our market, followed by the infusion of furniture, lighting, and decor elements emblematic of Nordic design.

The enfilade of doors emerged as a key feature in this space, allowing us to maximize air, light, and openness in the compact apartment. Spanning just 58.4 square meters according to the BTI plan, we skillfully preserved the original layout while reimagining the space to accentuate its strengths.

Incorporating horizontal surfaces at varying heights and maintaining eye level for standing and sitting individuals, we created an airy ambience perfect for warmth and cosiness. Furthermore, these surfaces offer practical functionality, as they can easily accommodate flowers, candles, artwork, holiday decor, or welcome drinks for guests.

Lighting played a crucial role in capturing the essence of Scandinavian interiors. We achieved the desired atmosphere with abundant light sources at various levels, thanks to our client's appreciation for this distinct lighting format.

A hallmark of Nordic design, we embraced light, neutral colours, and natural materials throughout the space. Wooden floors and Stockholm white walls formed the foundation of this timeless interior. In the bedroom, we introduced an additional soothing colour, enhancing its cosiness while maintaining harmony with the rest of the space.

Lastly, a diverse mix of textures and finishes, including wood, metal, stone, rattan, rice paper, and various textiles, along with matte and glossy surfaces, brought depth and intrigue to the interior, ultimately making it inviting and comfortable.

Photos by Dima Tsyrenshchikov


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