The Scandi project in the Etalon-City residential complex

Area 33m2
Style Scandi

This small studio is for a wonderful woman who is full of strength, energy, and light, and also combines all of this with the status of a grandmother. Therefore, it was important for us to organize a spacious kitchen-living area where she can comfortably accommodate her children and granddaughter or simply enjoy crafting or reading a book in the evening. At the same time, the sleeping area should also be comfortable and have the ability to hide from prying eyes. And of course, it was important for us to organize comfortable storage that would not be obtrusive but would be as functional as possible.


Client review

Galina Sidorova

1 June

I am delighted with my collaboration with Valentina. As a working retiree, I wanted to create a small cosy nest for relaxation and potential remote work. I had many ideas, but the apartment was a studio, so space was limited. Valentina took all of my wishes into account and sometimes vigorously defended solutions that I didn't initially find acceptable, skillfully arguing for her proposals. If I disagreed with certain decisions, she found new ones.

But most of the time, after discussing things with Valentina, I agreed with her. It wasn't about her imposing her ideas but rather a skilful approach to her work, even though it doesn't seem right to call creativity work. At first, I didn't understand why Valentina asked me about my life, hobbies, and preferences - things that didn't seem related to our collaboration. But during the discussion of design elements, Valentina used all of this knowledge. I especially liked the colour scheme and the choice of tiles. Valentina listened to me and didn't suggest open shelves and decor elements that I don't like. I was pleased with the reasonable cost of the services, which was lower than what other designers proposed. Thank you for your professionalism and pleasant communication!

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