The project in the hygge concept at the Silver residential complex

Area 57m2
Style Hygge

This apartment is designed for a young woman who loves playing musical instruments and meeting with friends. Taking these needs into account, we have created sound insulation in the apartment and allocated a whole musical area where drums and a synthesizer will be placed.


Client review

Anna Firstova

27 January

We started collaborating with Valentina on a recommendation and were impressed with the renders of completed projects. However, we liked her approach, work process, and the results of our own project even more.

Valentina is evident and punctual - there is no chance of forgetting anything, and all correspondence and agreements are always in order, which is immediately appealing.

The project implementation is organized very well - you see the space in sketches, improve it together, and agree on changes together, sharing doubts and excitement.

Valya offers exciting solutions and functional spaces. Throughout the project, it never felt like she was interested in it any less than I was. Communication was always prompt, and as for the technical documentation, there seems to be no questions, even from me.

And a moment that deserves a special mention - viewing the interior in VR. It's very emotional))) At that moment, you realize that you want to be in this interior as soon as possible. There's a feeling that, yes, this is mine:)

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