"Sustainable design" - is it about ecology or money?

Is sustainable design about ecology, money, society, culture, and quality management?

In Europe, for several years now, there has been a relentless discussion about the goals of sustainable development that the whole world is striving to achieve. 17 goals have been formulated, and many industries, architects, and designers are trying to optimize their processes to achieve them. And I am no exception.

Here are the 17 goals, by the way:

How has the EU progressed towards the Sustainable Development Goals? -  Duurzaam Ondernemen

When we talk about sustainable interior design, we mean responsible and thoughtful use of resources at every stage - from when the project is created to when all possible owners use the interior. It's important to remember that an interior can and should be ecologically friendly in terms of the materials used and economic, cultural, and social factors.

Let me tell you a little bit about each of them.

The ecological factor concerns the materials used in the interior, starting with their composition and ending with their disposal after use. It also involves optimizing resource use - design, accurate calculations, and intelligent management are crucial.

The social factor determines the impact the interior has on the behaviour, well-being, and health of the people in it, from creating the project to living in the interior. Again, design and management come to the forefront.

The third economic factor assesses how rationally the budget has been used and how long the interior will last without renovations from both a technical and design perspective. Again, a high-quality project helps calculate everything accurately and create truly timeless spaces.

The cultural factor concerns heritage, aesthetics, and environmental impact. This factor directly relates to renovation and its proper implementation concerning history.

You can see that this topic is enormous and consists of many parts. But I believe that discussing it and implementing sustainable solutions in interiors will allow us to obtain high-quality, beautiful, and valuable interiors.

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