Nordic aesthetics or Scandinavian Interior

15 November

Today, we want to talk to you about the Scandinavian style in interior design. And, to the surprise of many, we won't be discussing Ikea or the already familiar "Scandinavian" apartments in Moscow, but rather the authentic Scandinavian aesthetic. We love to call it Nordic beauty, and we want to articulate the pillars on which it is built.

The most important principle when creating a Scandinavian interior is that it should be designed for people, not the other way around. What does this give to the space and the people living there? It allows them to be themselves in their own home, to live, feel, and love without the fear of ruining or disrupting the great idea of the designer by choosing the wrong sofa.

Using natural materials is a very characteristic feature of Scandinavian interiors. Wood is the dominant material in their homes, and this is something that resonates deeply with us. We will share more about our love for wood in another post.

The value of design, including product design, is a defining characteristic of Scandinavians compared to other cultures. They know their architects and furniture and lighting designers, they invest money in furniture and lighting, they desire a particular piece for their home, save up for it, and then use it for decades.

Scandinavians appreciate and incorporate art into their interiors in different forms, such as posters, photographs, art pieces, etc. These elements help to make the interior more personal, and they also help to change the mood of the home by simply changing the posters in the frames.

We are in awe and inspired by the aesthetics of Scandinavian interiors, their perception of the world, and their attitude towards themselves and their surroundings. And we are delighted to share it with you and, most importantly, help you fill your home with it.

With love for Nordic design and you ❤

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